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UkuleleDazz - the App - Is Here!

clock September 7, 2011 21:50 by author Keeper
After long hours, toiling in seclusion - just me, my computer, and my ukuleles - the UkuZoo database can now be viewed on the iPhone.  UkuleleDazz is in the App Store now!

George Paele Mossman, Part II - Champion of Hawaiian Culture

clock September 4, 2011 17:42 by author Keeper
George Mossman had spent 15 years of his life building and promoting his ukulele manufacturing business in Honolulu.  It could be said that this enterprise was more than simply a way to make living - that it was a way for George Mossman to support and publicize a part of his own Hawaiian culture.  B... [More]

Stay Tuned for Mossman, Part 2

clock July 21, 2011 16:52 by author Keeper
I have had several inquiries about the second installment of the George Mossman bio that I promised months ago.  Sure, I've been busy, but I have actually had the article written back in April and was waiting to get permission from Associated Press International, API, for the use of an old photo. T... [More]

George Paele Mossman, Part I - The Ukulele Builder

clock February 14, 2011 07:48 by author Keeper
Collectors of Hawaiian ukuleles all know of George P. Mossman, the ukulele builder.  His ukuleles are seen occasionally in eBay listings and passing mentions in historical tomes.  His ukuleles are prized as fine instruments and as enviable collector pieces but, perhaps due to their scarcity, there i... [More]

The First UkuZoo Redesign is Complete!

clock December 28, 2010 21:42 by author Keeper
The first major rework of the UkuZoo site has been completed.  This took a hell of a long time, far more work than I expected.  Despite all the time and effort, not all of the features I wanted to include made it into this update, so I will be leaking those out over the coming months.  Here are some... [More]

How to Photograph Your Ukuleles

clock January 25, 2010 22:02 by author Keeper
Different people have different ideas about what they want to see in an ukulele description. Some just want to read that it has great sound and plays easily. Others want good historical data, or a detailed description of its flaws. But what everyone wants to see is pictures. In fact, to many of us, ... [More]

About Vintage Hawaiian Ukulele Styles

clock October 25, 2009 18:12 by author Keeper
When I think of vintage Hawaiian ukuleles, I think of the the period from around the turn of the century to about 1935. Ukuleles earlier than 1900 are difficult to collect because they are so rare. By 1935 many of the Hawaiian makers had been done in by the Great Depression. Makers of this era, Man... [More]

Welcome to the UkuZoo Blog

clock October 23, 2009 15:19 by author Keeper
Welcome ukulele collectors and all enthusiasts [More]

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